AVS Capital Solutions is committed to assisting companies and individuals:

Generating Business Value

Sell and Acquire Businesses

Raise Equity and Debt Capital

Evaluate Strategic Alternatives

We focus on companies with revenues between $5 million and $150 million. Our expertise includes numerous industry sectors and represents a wide range of  businesses. We work with you to choose the strategy that best fits your personal and business objectives. We provide senior-level industry experience combined with proprietary knowledge and systems research, and a global network of financial partners to deliver results.

Strategies That Work

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a critical part of a company’s growth strategy. Buyers seek growth opportunities by acquiring market share technology and talented personnel. Selling is more of a founders financial decision that is related to retirement or a desire to shed ancillary divisions to focus on core competencies. Whatever the motivation, M&A activities are key drivers for achieving strategic and financial goals.

Yet, many executives at these firms lack significant experience negotiating deals. Our team minimizes risks by identifying potential issues and forming a strategy that fits your objectives. We emphasize becoming “deal-ready” so that when an opportunity presents itself, you will avoid most obstacles and be better equipped to successfully conclude the transaction.

Pre-Deal Support & Analysis

Our team provides you the pre-deal scrutiny designed to address and quantify key drivers of value and get you “deal-ready”. Transaction planning is key in developing a successful strategy, especially in these volatile times. We make sure your company is ready to withstand the scrutiny of buyer due diligence so that risks are minimized. Axiom has significant experience in the valuation of privately held businesses and assets across a wide range of industries. We perform an in-depth analysis of the business, evaluate industry trends, and determine the range of value.

Sell-Side Support

We take the time to understand your business and key value drivers in order to identify strategic buyers and maximize enterprise value. We have valued businesses across many industries and can analyze your company efficiently to advise you on the likely range of value. We prepare a thorough business memorandum which presents your history and story in a reasoned manner.

Buy-Side Support

Acquiring a business is a complex process. Typical due diligence centers on accounting and finance, IT, income taxes, and operational items. Our team can assist you in identifying and mitigating potential risks as well as planning for integration and post-acquisition improvement initiatives.

Quality of Earnings (Buy-Side/Sell-Side)

Our team has the experience and knowledge to identify and understand the critical factors that drive valuation which can assist you in your negotiation process. Our procedures are tailored to each project and consider industry and company risk. We look beyond the historical data to provide you with insights into trends that affect future performance.

Fairness & Solvency Opinions

A fairness opinion is the result of a comprehensive analysis that includes a thorough review of the terms and structure regarding acquisitions, divestitures, management buyouts and similar major tranasactions. Axiom has the expertise and resources necessary to provide the assurance of fairness to participants that these types of deals require.

Case Studies - Redacted Examples

Fairness Opinion
Sell Side Support
Quality of Earnings

Stan J. Feldman
Chairman and Co-Founder

Stan is the chief valuation officer for the company, and has overall responsibility for the company’s signed valuation reports and for the company’s valuation analysis systems. He directly manages the company’s valuations for financial reporting and fair value projects. He is an expert in the valuation of complex financial securities, including thinly traded equity and fixed income instruments, and public and privately held businesses.

John Byrne
CPA/ABV Managing Director

John M. Byrne is a Managing Director at Axiom Valuation Solutions, Arizona. A Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years experience, he has practiced with local and regional CPA firms where he provided business valuation services required for M&A transactions, financial reporting, income tax compliance, litigation, bankruptcy, and shareholder disputes. John has also participated in numerous due diligence and transaction advisory services providing expertise in strategic value and quality of earnings.

More About John

Roger M. Winsby
President and Co-Founder

Roger is a business valuation expert with over 15 years of experience working with small and mid-size companies across all industries. Roger helps clients understand not only how much a business is worth, but also why and how they can improve the value. He is the company’s principal analyst in most certified business valuations and for the Value Estimate Service. Roger has directed over 2,500 valuation assignments over the last several years, covering a wide array of industries and geographical markets.


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