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what every business owner should know about valuing their business
What Every Business Owner Should Know About Valuing Their Business by Dr. Stan Feldman, Dr. Tim Sullivan, and Roger Winsby
Principles of Private Firm Valuation
Principles of Private Firm Valuation by Dr. Stan Feldman
This book uses realistic case studies to show how
valuation is used in buying or selling a business to
another individual, in business succession planning,
in setting a price for an employee to buy into the
company, in a financial settlement when a business
owner gets a divorce, and in an acquisition by
another company.
Owners and their advisors should know when to have a valuation, what are the pros and cons of different valuation methods, and how to answer the questions that a valuation analyst will ask about the company. This book helps the owner and his/her advisor to manage the valuation process in alignment with the owner's strategic goals.
If you're a financial professional serving these
private firms as a CPA, valuation analyst, or even CFO, you've probably been called upon to give advice on issues such as firm valuation, deal structure, and related business transition planning. Whether you're looking to use valuation in preparation for a private firm transaction or strictly for tax-related reasons, you need a solid understanding of how private firm valuation works. Written by valuation expert Dr. Stanley Feldman, Principles of Private Firm Valuation integrates academic research results with on-the-ground experience, in order to provide more disciplined guidance on how you should address several of the most important, and largely unresolved issues in the arena of private firm valuation. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this comprehensive resource offers an executive education on important valuation issues.

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