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Valuation issues are becoming increasingly complex and central to financial reporting for many organizations. Mastering these valuation challenges requires multi-disciplined expertise in finance, accounting, and economics; an in-depth understanding of the evolving financial markets; and skill in using and managing complicated valuation metrics. Our staff, at Axiom Vauluation Solutions, meet those requirements. Not only have we have undertaken extensive research in finance and have published recurrently in peer-reviewed journals, but, the work of Axiom Valuation is grounded in real-world valuation experience. Collectively, the staff at Axiom Valuation has accumulated many years of effective interaction with auditors of the Big 4, and with valuation specialists of other firms. This combination enables Axiom Valuation to deliver an unparalleled level of service to clients.

Stan J. Feldman
Chairman and Co-Founder

Stan is the chief valuation officer for the company, and has overall responsibility for the company's signed valuation reports and for the company's valuation analysis systems. He directly manages the company's valuations for financial reporting and fair value projects.

Stan has consulting and academic experience in the valuation of privately held and publicly traded firms, along with extensive real world experience. He is an expert in the valuation of complex financial securities, including thinly traded equity and fixed income instruments, and public and privately held businesses. He helped to draft FAS 157 (now Topic 820), the fair value standard, as a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's (FASB) Valuation Resources Group, an external advisory committee on valuation issues.

Stan received a B.A. in Economics from the City University of New York, Hunter College, a M.A. in Economics from the New School for Social Research, and a Ph.D. in Economics from New York University.

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Roger M. Winsby
President and Co-founder

Roger is a business valuation expert with over 15 years of experience working with small and mid-size companies across all industries. Roger helps clients understand not only how much a business is worth, but also why and how they can improve the value. He is the company's principal analyst in most certified business valuations and for the Value Estimate Service. Roger has directed over 2,500 valuation assignments over the last several years, covering a wide array of industries and geographical markets . The companies valued have ranged from firms with under $1 million in sales to firms with over $1 billion in sales. Roger serves as a valuation mediator where the parties agree to working with one valuation expert. Roger also has overall responsibility for Axiom Valuation operations. He manages the company's finances, marketing, human resources, and technology infrastructure.

Roger is a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser through the National Equipment and Business Builders Institute, www.nebbi.org, and is a member of the Society of Business Analysts. Roger received a B.A. in Economics, summa cum laude, from Claremont McKenna College. He successfully completed the first year of Harvard Law School, before deciding to focus on economic and financial analysis. He attended the McGraw-Hill Management School program taught by Harvard Business School professors. He also attended the Global Marketing Executive Education program of the Kellogg School (Northwestern University).


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