Free Consultation and Sample Reports

We offer a free phone consultation regarding your valuation situation to determine if you need a business valuation. If some form of valuation is needed, then we review which level of valuation service would be appropriate for your situation. Finally, we consider whether Axiom Valuation should submit an engagement letter and fixed price quote for the valuation service. While we provide business valuation services throughout North America, there are some situations, generally where the valuation is for use in litigation and the business is not near our location, where we advise people to work with a local valuation firm.

Axiom Valuation is committed to only valuing a business when the value we can add to the client is equal or greater to the price of the service. In some circumstances, especially for businesses with annual sales under $500,000, having a valuation done may not be a cost-effective solution. For companies in this size range, we often are able to recommend other sources of value multiple ranges for businesses in their industry.


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