what every business owner should know about valuing their business

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Valuing Their Business
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By Dr. Stan Feldman, Dr. Tim Sullivan, and Roger Winsby

Educational Book on Valuing BusinessesWe have used realistic case studies to show how valuation is used in buying or selling a business to another individual, in business succession planning, in setting a price for an employee to buy into the company, in a financial settlement when a business owner gets a divorce, and in an acquisition by another company.
Owners and their advisors should know when to have a valuation, what the pros and cons of different valuation methods are, and how to answer the questions that a valuation analyst will ask about the company. This book helps the owner and his/her advisor to manage the valuation process in alignment with the owner’s strategic goals.
This is the first practical guide for business owners on this most important topic! You will learn the answers to these questions:
* What is a business valuation?
* When should you have a business valuation done?
* How much should a business valuation cost?
* What are the pros and cons of different valuation methods?
Easy to read!
Easy to understand!
Easy to save money by following the helpful tips for owners included in this book.
Find out why the “valuation multiples for your industry” quoted by a local business broker can be dangerous to your financial health. Plus advice on:
* How to make sure the valuation is accurate; and
* How to use valuation information to manage your company better.

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