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Business Valuation

Value Estimator

Since 2001, Axiom Valuation has conducted business valuation assignments for clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

An accurate valuation estimate for planning purposes, including exit planning, retirement planning, estate planning, buy-sell and business succession agreements, and uncontested owner buy-in/buy-out situations.

Certified Valuation

The Certified Business Valuation Service is fully IRS 59-60 compliant and meets the requirements for use in litigation. This is most appropriate for larger companies with more complex capital structures at issue, when a signed opinion for an IRS filing is needed, or when the appraisal is likely to receive a higher level of scrutiny, such as in litigation.

FLP/LLC Valuation Service

Our reliable and cost-effective certified valuation services for Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) and Limited Liability Companies (LLC), two popular wealth transfer entities used in estate planning.

Advisory Services for Business Sale or Acquisition

Axiom provides a range of independent valuation-related services for company sale or purchase transactions, or transfers of interests to related entities. These include: Fairness Opinions, Solvency Opinions, and Strategic Value Assessments.

Litigation Consulting and Expert Testimony

Axiom’s Chairman and Chief Valuation Officer, Dr. Stanley Feldman, is a nationally recognized expert on valuation with over 25 years of consulting experience solving complex valuation problems.

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