New Website,, Highlights Fair Value Capabilities of Axiom Valuation
April 29, 2009 Wakefield, MA - Axiom Valuation, a nationally recognized financial security and business valuation firm, today launched a new website,, that highlights the companyís extensive fair value capabilities for financial securities of all types. "Hedge Funds are dependent on the validity and integrity of security pricing and portfolio valuation. The introduction of FAS 157/Topic 820 has made independent valuation a necessity for hedge funds. Axiom Valuation has the expertise and experience to provide excellence in fair value measurement for the full range of financial securities from the simple to the most complex.", says Dr. Stan Feldman, Chairman, and Associate Professor of Finance at Bentley University.

The site provides descriptions of a wide range of securities and the fair value drivers for each type of asset. The site also features the companyís "Eye on Credit" with downloadable graphs covering Yield Spreads, changes in the Yield Curve, M1 and M2 Growth, and Axiom Valuationís own Illiquidity Index, which are part of the companyís on-going credit analysis activities.

Through its work with existing hedge fund clients, Axiom Valuation has developed sophisticated capabilities to meet client requirements for timely and cost effective Quarterly Portfolio Valuations or Annual Portfolio Valuations. Axiom Valuationís work has met the requirements of the most demanding financial services clients and top auditing firms.

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Axiom Valuation is a nationally recognized financial security and business valuation firm. Axiom Valuation is actively engaged in fair value assignments for financial institutions in terms of fair valuing portfolio assets and liabilities as well as acting as an advisor and assessing whether internal transfers between funds meet the fair value standard.
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