Financier Worldwide Article on U.S. M&A Rule Features Stan Feldman
February 2008 Wakefield, MA - The Financier Worldwide cover story "Fairness Opinions in US M&A Rule 2290" by Sonia Kalsi (February 2008 issue) featured comments by Dr. Stanley Feldman, Chairman and Chief Valuation Officer of Axiom Valuation, on the likely impact of proposed Rule 2290 requiring new disclosures regarding fairness opinions by its members to minimize abuses. To view a reprint of the article, click here.
About Axiom Valuation
Axiom Valuation is a leading national provider of business valuation services based in Wakefield, MA. Its clients come primarily through referrals from professional advisors, including CPAs, financial advisors, and attorneys. Axiom Valuation provides certified business valuations for use in IRS gifting and estate tax filings and in litigation cases; and a unique service designed and priced for business owner planning applications: an accurate value estimate documented in a customized 50+ page report using the most accurate method of business valuation.
The company also provides fair value services for meeting FASB 141/ASC 805, 142/ASC 350, and 157/Topic 820 guidelines primarily for privately held companies.
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