Fairness Opinions

For many corporate actions, boards of directors seek independent fairness opinions to provide clear and carefully documented assessments of fair value of the proposed action. These actions include:

  • Mergers & acquisitions, both sell-side and buy-side
  • Spinoffs, split-ups, and divestitures
  • Going-private transactions
  • Transfer or transactions with related entities

Axiom Valuation is fully independent and provides timely, cost-effective fairness opinions to meet the needs of corporate boards.

Solvency Opinions

In situations where a proposed corporate action involves leveraged recapitalization, leveraged buyouts, a spinoff of a business unit or certain assets, or a special dividend, company boards often commission a solvency opinion to meet their fiduciary requirements of informed due diligence. Axiom Valuation provides cost-effective and fully independent analyses that meet the three-part test laid out for a solvency opinion.

Strategic Value Assessments

Most privately held business owners are not experienced in the sale of companies. For those who own businesses that have the potential for sale to a synergistic or strategic buyer, they often need advice and education in how to best position their company for sale to a strategic buyer.

Axiom Valuation provides cost-effective, fixed price, strategic advisory services for business owners to level the playing field with potential buyers. We help owners to understand:

  • The range of possible values based on the differing characteristics of the potential strategic buyers
  • How strategic buyers value potential targets
  • What actions the owners can take to maximize their negotiating leverage
  • The pros and cons of bringing in a broker or investment banker.